You know you need to bring in a professional. "But," you wonder, "where in the world do I start?" Well, first, you have to get in touch with me. Phone, email, text, Facebook Messenger, owl (Harry Potter fans will understand that one)...whichever you choose, I am easy to talk to. The following infographics gives the basics on the process. It's simple and straightforward.


Talking to me is free. In fact, my clock is only running when I'm actually engaged in directly working on your project. If I call you to ask a question or you message me about your color choices, that's on me. I'm a big fan of communication (haha). And, I firmly believe the time I spend making sure you're happy leads to a wonderful result (and referrals). 

You can click the following links for even more info. Or, if you've seen enough, go ahead and get in touch. 

THE PROCESS covers all you need to know about my process. 
THE SERVICES gives you a general idea on typical PR & Social Media packages, as well as the other services I provide.  
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