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Design Services

When designing any project (website, brochures, etc.), you will only pay for the time I sit in front of the computer designing. All follow-up calls, emails, texts, etc. are on my dime. 

My design rate is: $125 an hour.

A typical small business website will take 10-15 hours to create. 

A more involved website (retail store, realtor, online school, etc.) will typically take 20-40 hours, depending on the complexity and needs of the client.


A logo will cost, on average, about $450. Variations for different needs will make the price higher. 

Special rates are available for non-profit organizations. 

The above examples are offered to give you an idea of the design fees for different projects. Web hosting, email services, etc. will be paid by you directly to the company providing those services. 

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Web Maintenance &

Social Media Kits

These ongoing fees are typically billed per month, rather than by hour. The rate is calculated by complexity and person hours needed to complete the task each month. 

Some examples include:

Monthly Website Maintenance 

Weekly check to make sure all links are functioning, images are clear, make simple updates to site (replace photos [3] and change text [3 text boxes] provided by client: $150 per month

Social Media Kit

These can vary in price depending on a few factors. Who is creating content (us/you); how many social media platforms do you want to use; and, whether or not we are monitoring and responding to your social media account. A typical, small business package on one platform with five posts per week (content provided by client): $450 per month



Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services are billable by the hour ($125 an hour). 

These services include: press kits, press releases, grand openings, news/media conferences, damage control, media spokesperson, speech writing and event coordination. 

Oftentimes, PR needs blend in with other parts of our business services. I will work directly with you to prepare a package that meets your PR needs.

It's important to remember that many press/media related situations can be easily and swiftly handled by first giving me a call. 

Whether handling a damaging incident at your place of business or crafting a grand opening message for your new office, my skillset will get you the results you hope for. 

For all services, your initial consultation is free.