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October, 15, 2019

Stella here! What a fabulous, first day! Paul and I handled a bunch of inquiries, sent out a proposal and shared advice with a future business owner and one who’s growing the family business.

My favorite part of any of the services we offer is digging deep: learning your hopes & dreams and understanding your challenges & fears. I call it, “peeling the onion.” Yes, it’s quite cliche, but it is what makes me so good at what I do. I really listen and feel your story. And, I’m instantly imagining ways to tell it (and, sell it). It is the best feeling.

Thank you all for making the first page of our story so unforgettable. Over 200 likes in less than 12 hours has my head reeling with joy, gratitude and excitement! Please like and follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. And, keep your eyes open for Paul’s debut on Snapchat.

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