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BRAND & IMAGE: Your Promise to the World

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October 28, 2019

Hello Monday! Stella here! I’m partially caffeinated (I’m on day 13 of babysitting my one and three year old grandchildren...fully caffeinated is an impossible feat at this point 🤪). Let’s get to it!

The past two weeks, we talked about the importance of your website and social media as the infrastructure of your overall Public Relations strategy.

This week we’re going to talk about your brand and image.

The term, brand, is difficult to define. Many think of it as the name of a product or business. Imagine you’re in the grocery store buying laundry detergent. You’re bombarded with names: Tide, Gain, Purex, etc. Consumers are conditioned (through familiarity, advertising and product placement) to believe certain “brands” are superior to others. Then came the “store brand” revolution. We were told the store brand detergent was as good as the “name brand” products, simply less expensive. And, recently, a company named, Brandless, has become increasingly popular. The implication is, it’s cooler to be brand-free. Yet, isn’t the Brandless brand a brand itself?

Sometimes, a brand can become a verb. I’ll Google that. I’ll Fedex this. I’ll Scotch-Tape it. A brand name can become the “word” that applies to every product in that category. Pick up some Pampers. I’ll have a Coke. I need a Kleenex.

Experts in advertising, marketing and public relations all describe brand differently.

What do I think a brand is? I believe your brand is your promise to the world that your product, service, self will match the feelings, attachment and commitment your consumer offers.

Simply said, your brand is a relationship.

What you bring to that relationship is determined by who you are: your values, personality, commitment to excellence and passion. Telling your story, letting others get to know you and commit to you, is how brand relationships blossom and grow.

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