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BRAND & IMAGE: Be True to Yourself

Morning!! A special shout out for Tuesdays (when you’re a restaurant brat, Tuesdays were the best).

Most of us do it. We check our reflection dozens of times a day. Some of us may preen and pose. Some may give a quick glance and go on their way. Some of us never look, it’s not in their DNA.

Image. How we are perceived. On a personal level, it’s all good to be who you want to be. But, can the same be said of your business, non-profit, municipality or professional self?

Many will say, “No.” I say, “Yes. With some caveats.”

Your business persona is an extension of you. It’s part of your life story. It’s what makes your organization unique and valuable. It makes it real. We all thrive when we can be who we’re intended to be.

Clients and customers develop loyalty to an image they connect to. And, in an odd way, you’re being loyal to them by remaining true to yourself.

Of course, there are those dastardly caveats. And, you must be prepared for the response when you enter these danger zones:

1. Politics 2. Religion 3. Social causes 4. Products which may harm 5. And a dozen more

For big companies, like Chic-Fil-A, following your true self doesn’t really affect your bottom line. There are many who disagree with their beliefs and the causes they choose to support, and they protest with their wallets. Clearly, Chic-Fil-A is sticking to their true selves, and it is serving them well.

Doing the same as a small business can be a much more difficult path. Posting a candidate’s campaign sign in your window could alienate half your clientele. Selling products that harm could encourage protesters to picket your store.

Your image, personally and professionally, drives your brand. They’re intertwined.

Let us help guide you through it all. And, if the worst happens, damage/crisis control is Stella’s specialty. Don’t throw spaghetti at a wall. Meet with us, tell us your story and we’ll professionally and diligently help you get it told.

You can be true to your story.

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