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I grew up in a restaurant family. I went on to work in the news business, opened a retail store and then began working for The Walt Disney Company. My entire life, Saturdays were the day I (and those around me) often worked the hardest. Rarely did I enjoy a Saturday off, like so many of my friends.

TGIF?! Totally yuck. Yay, Yay for FriYay?! Blasphemous! Let's hear it for the weekend?! Blech.

I even had to hold my wedding on a Sunday, because my father didn't want to close the family restaurant on a Saturday. Seriously. I'm lucky my wedding wasn't on a Tuesday.

My love/hate affair with Saturdays has been going on for decades.

Finally, after retiring from Disney, I've begun to enjoy the reality of a weekend off. This formerly alien day has finally become a time to laze, do crafts and projects, make actual plans with real humans and celebrate Fridays. Hell, I might even get married again on a Saturday, just because I can!

So, I find it absolutely no accident that when I decided to write a weekly blog, my hilariously-wired and demented mind decided Saturdays would be the best day to do that. Surely, somewhere in the deep recesses of my sub-conscious mind - a little character decided to show me who's boss. "Day of fun, Stella? I'll show you!" I imagine the little creature (who oddly resembles a scrubbing bubble) cackling, as it spins the wheel of the calendar of my life.

Here's the thing, though...writing is my joy. Telling stories, laughing at myself, being morosely serious and outlandishly hilarious (sometimes at the same time) is what I do best. I am so excited to share my weekly thoughts on every subject imaginable, including my daughter, Morgan (who just texted to tell me to write about her). I hope you'll check in each Saturday. We'll laugh. We'll cry. We'll ponder. You'll learn a little (probably a lot) about me and I hope to learn a little about each of you.

Please join and share my blog! See you next Saturday. Let's show that scrubbing bubble who's in charge!

Stella lives in Port Jefferson, NY and Orlando, FL with her husband, Dan, and her loving and lazy yellow lab, Toby. She's the mom of three totally self-sufficient adults (serious shout-out here, folks). She's crazy in love with her gorgeous and brilliant grandchildren, James and Lilly (not named for Harry Potter's parents, but love the connection). She's the Co-Founder of eleven07 Main, a Public Relations Firm, located in New York. Cooking for those she loves is her passion. In all she does, she lives by the motto: Pay It Forward.

© Copyright, 2019 by Stella Tessler.

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