Who Will Tell Your Story?

You did it. You had an idea, a dream, a vision and you took the first step...maybe, even a second (or a hundreth). You are the expert of you. Now what? 

You tell your story. 

eleven07 Main is your storyteller.  I have decades of experience translating ideas into stories, writing copy from scratch, working newsrooms and conference rooms and developing cost-effective campaigns into success stories.


Through thoughtfully selected mediums, masterful messaging and a plan tailored to your unique narrative, I will translate your promotional and public relations budget into a best seller. 

What's New?

Launch Date: August 17, 2020


Lisa Perry is a dear friend of mine who wanted to overhaul her real estate marketing presence. We began with her original dream, a monthly newsletter, which we emailed to her burgeoning subscriber list. The newsletter contains relevant info: listings, expert advice, personal communications, tips and testimonials. 


Lisa was very clear about the look, feel and color palette she desired for her newsletter. After a few months, we moved on to the big job, creating her logo and redeveloping her website from the ground up. It was here that Lisa pretty much gave me free reign. 


I felt it was really important for people to come back to Lisa's website over and over again...that it not be "just another listing site." I incorporated all the information I would want if I moved to a new location (or, even if I had lived there forever). I included a comprehensive resource and "things to do" page, which includes everything from links to local museums to local hospitals. 


I also wanted to incorporate her monthly newsletters. Each one is filled with fantastic information, so I felt it would be beneficial to those who may not have received one previously, to be able to look back and read past editions. 


Again, contact information is key (I am definitely one of those who gets so frustrated when I can't find a phone number or email address immediately on a website). And, with real estate, mobile connectivity is essential. So, I removed the movie from the mobile site to speed up load time and limited imagery for the same reason. 


What resulted was a website that is fluid, jampacked with information and easy to use. 

Visit www.perrys.properties to see what's possible!

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