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Who Will Tell Your Story?

You did it. You had an idea, a dream, a vision and you took the first step...maybe, even a second (or a hundreth). You are the expert of you. Now what? 

You tell your story. 

eleven07 Main is your storyteller.  I have decades of experience translating ideas into stories, writing copy from scratch, working newsrooms and conference rooms and developing cost-effective campaigns into success stories.


Through thoughtfully selected mediums, masterful messaging and a plan tailored to your unique narrative, I will translate your promotional and public relations budget into a best seller. 

What's New?

Launch Date: November 27, 2020


Well...this was a FUN site to work on! Mollie Adler, the founder of  and chief baker at Miss Mollie's Brownies had a vision, a dream and a compelling life story to bring to life. 

Mollie's story is one of struggle, perseverance, fortitude and a long-range vision for her business. When we first began talking about taking her business from the Famers' Markets to the global marketplace, Mollie knew exactly what she wanted in her website. 

What came to life was an actual virtual store, where one would not just come to purchase delectable brownies, but also get to know the owner's story, her family and celebrate the joys and work through the challenges of the journey of life. 

We're moving forward now with marketing and promoting the website through a multi-medium PR campaign. Building a site is the beginning,..letting everyone know about it is the goal. 

Mollie's website really reminded me of the importance of storytelling, connections to our users and making what seems impossible...well, reality. 

Please visit to see what's possible for you business. Be sure to order a bunch of boxes of brownies - the Best Friends (Peanut Butter) is my fave! 

Coming Soon...

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